Oaxaca- The Casa Colonial

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After a twelve hour trip from NYC we arrived at our residency at the Casa Colonial in Oaxaca to discover that the owner Jane Robinson was midway through leading a ‘Day of the Dead’ tour for a group of people from the US. Our residency project was to experience ‘Day of the Dead’ for ourselves and this blog is part of recording and thinking about this focus on death.

Jane and her husband Thorny had a long relationship with Mexico and developed the Casa as a B&B in a large colonial building set amongst peaceful gardens. They had a long association with many of the group members. Almost immediately we were invited to join in the activities of the group and to share Jane’s personal celebration for Thorny who had died five years ago. The staff of the Casa operate as a family and were also remembering Thorny and their long standing cook who had recently died as well as other people close to them. We will post more about this, our reactions to it and to other Day of the Dead experiences.