Sarah Gibson is an artist and filmmaker who has been making documentaries for over 30 years. Her films have screened nationally and internationally and have achieved widespread recognition for their innovation in content and style. They include the 3 part series for television Myths of Childhood (1997) and a personal essay film The Hundredth Room (2004).

She has recently written and directed an online interactive documentary project Re-enchantment about the hidden world of fairy tales for adults: their history, their interpretation and their re-imagining by contemporary visual artists, photographers and filmmakers. This multiplatform work was launched with the ABC in March 2011.

Re-enchantment can be viewed at http://www.abc.net.au/re-enchantment

Sarah is currently completing an enhanced I-book on the interpretation of fairy tales.

Until March 2013, Sarah was a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney. She also works as a Jungian analyst in private pratice in Sydney. Her work brings together her interest in myth and story, the unconscious and popular culture.

Artist Collaborator: Digby Duncan

Digby was a documentary filmmaker and film producer for 25 years before turning to photography.  She was an active independent filmmaker during the 1970s and 1980s, making and promoting short films and social action documentaries at a time when they were rarely made or seen and when women were fighting for their place in the emerging Australian film industry.

Digby’s photographic work since 2003 has ranged from macro textual images of seaweed patterns to desert landscapes. Her portrait photography has been featured in Art Monthly and MCA publications. More recently Digby has been exploring the impressionistic possibilities of night photography. Her most recent exhibition After Dark brings her full circle to her camera work as a documentary filmmaker. Digby’s photographic work can be viewed at : http://www.digbyduncan.com

In 2011 both Sarah Gibson and Digby Duncan had an artist residency at Red Gate Studio in Bejing. Digby’s photographic series undertaken during that residency I observed and recorded the chaotic night -life of Feijiacun is a small Chinese village beyond the 5th ring road on the northern outskirts of Beijing that was slated for demolition. This series of photographs has been exhibited at  Syndicate at Danks in 2011 and 4 A Gallery, 2011 and 2012 and bought by Wollongong University Art Gallery Collection.